The Personal Training Account : what is really changing ?
1 August 2019 -Ressources humaines
Since the entry into force of the law "Freedom to choose your future career", the Personal Training Account has been subjected to some changes. Discover below what's really changing for you !

Formerly credited in hours, the personal training account is credited in euros since January 1st 2019. The exchange rate correspond to 15€ per hour. Until last year, the personal training account was credited with 360€ per year. From 2020, the employees will earn an extra 140€ in terms of training (that is to say, the personal account will be credited with 500€ per year). As a matter of fact, the system is evolving to boost french employees to train more in various sectors. Howewer, the goal is to acquire new skills both on new sectors and those of the company you are working for.

What about chosing your training courses ?

The choice of eligible courses will be wider regardless of your tasks and your workplace. Training courses include the qualifications registered in the National Directory of Professionnal Certifications.

How to register for training courses ?

Everything has been thinking so that registrations have to be easier for everyone. In order to facilitate the procedures, an app will be available on December, 1st 2019. It will allow you to register yourself into training courses.

This app will enable you to know your rights in terms of work training, choose your courses, fund your own projects and pay for the registration by yourself.

That is, if you still have any hours acquired under the “DIF”, it is time to transfer them into your personal training account. You have until December 31st 2020 to do so. Beyond the deadline, there will be no more possible updates ; so your acquired hours will be lost.